1. Hey internet, my bike got stolen last night from outside of Benders on 19th and South Van Ness. Above is a picture of my bike. Please help me find it. If you are the one who took it, please return it and in exchange accept my promise not to dismember you.

    Specs: Black Pake Rum Runner frame, Vuelta wheel set w/ green Vittoria Rubino tire on the front and Thickslick tire on the back, Pake crankset, Soma Dominatrix saddle, Soma headset and stem, Cinelli Pepper bars w/ black Oury grips, fixed gear, huge ridiculous BMX pedals and rainbow chain. The rainbow chain is the single most identifying feature of this otherwise unembellished bike - if you see a black track bike out there with a rainbow chain it is almost certainly mine.

    I know you’ve all heard this same story a million times before but please reblog if you live in SF and do that kind of thing. I’d really like to have this bike back.

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    San Francisco followers.
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    everyone’s bike is getting jacked lately. keep an eye out for a LOOK, too, taken from katherine’s backyard.
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    signal boooosttt thats a sick bike.
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    gotta keep a look out for that rainbow chain.
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    I don’t really know what any of these fancy bike words mean, but COME ON it’s Christmas. Help a guy get reunited with...
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    lonely, bike-stolen place...couple weeks back, i hellla fell you.
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